Bank accounts, legal settlements, liquidated assets, estates, pensions, life insurance, real estate and more. Billions in the US alone!

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Often, there is a limited amount of time to claim this money- "Escheat" is  how the government can legally take YOUR money.

National Asset Locators LLC BBB Business Review

"National Asset Locators is an honest and real organization. I could not believe the funds they discovered in my late husband's name. It took some time to get all the information together but the end came and I am much richer than I was before. I hope they can find funds for you too!"  
   P. Arnold, 

     New Mexico

"I was a little nervous when they first called me, but I soon learned to trust them, and they were able to send me a check for money I knew nothing about! I would recommend National Asset Locators to anyone."
   B. Memmott,


"David and his company not only found and claimed money for me, they saved my business from foreclosure and imminent failure. I can't thank them enough!!!!"
   Lori Yeust
     Canyonville, OR

If we've contacted you, rest assured that you have a claim worth several thousand dollars, maybe tens of thousands of dollars!

"I recommend National Asset Locators for achieving success in recovering any assets to those with legal rights. Twenty years ago, my brother died leaving behind an old insurance policy, unbeknownst to me at the time, with me as the sole beneficiary! Mr. Lawrence prepared and submitted all the legal paperwork, performed all of the cumbersome follow up, kept me informed and was always available to me. His honesty, skill and encouragement brought on success. My sincerest praise for David Lawrence and his fine company!"
   Elyse Angel
     Grants, NM

"Your company is awesome! Thank you for finding our money, it really helped us out. We were really satisfied with everything you did so thank you again!"
   Ron & Victoria Peters
     Erie, PA



WHAT WE DO...  We continually audit courts,  treasurers and other government agencies searching for  unclaimed money. When we come across a substantial sum we try to find the rightful owner.  

"We received these funds on my mother's birthday. The timing could not have been better! Thank you."
   Naaznin Lokhandwala
     Andover, MA

"When I found out my US savings account had disappeared I panicked and didn't know what to do. Immediately I contacted David. He assured me that he would do everything to get the money back for me. He kept his word and, to my joy, all the money returned to me. I am eternally appreciative of his hard work and always felt I was in good hands. Without his help, I couldn't have gotten the money back. Thank you, David."
   Yuichi Matsuoka
     Tokyo, Japan